Unable to visit your temple or Guru? Take a 360 degree VR experience and immerse yourself in devotion

The medium of the internet has provided us with the option of getting darshan of our most sought after devotional venues while sitting anywhere in the world. Now, with the latest advancement in technology, the merging of Virtual Reality (VR) has seeped into the idea of virtually visiting religious centers.

VRDevotee (VR stands for Virtual Reality) is a new technology that enables us to have a virtual reality experience of various temples and devotional events taking place in India. The experience is started by the company named VR Devotee.

Today, many people are unable to visit temples or places of devotion for various reasons like ill-health, old age, distance, lack of time and in many cases financial constraints too. The desire to spend more time with God is a constant need and it is satisfied to some extent through various TV channels. But the experience is at best passive.

Virtual Reality darshan of IsckonVideos only provide you with a recorded footage from the angle it is taken from. Now with VRDevotee, the experience is as good as being there. This technology enables us to have a full 360 degree view of the entire venue.

For example, experience the 360 degree view of the flower showering ritual at the Iskcon Chowpatty temple (Mumbai) on their website – vrdevotee.com and app – https://appurl.io/jctwnvnx. You will realize how much better it is than simply seeing a recorded video. The app gives a better experience.

But to get the best experience, one must try their VR headset. This will better your experience manifolds. The feeling being present at the place is at the highest when experienced with this gadget. You can buy it from their website.

Similarly, they also provide experience Sri Sai Centre in Bengaluru and Adiyogi Maha Shivaratri at Isha Yoga Centre at Coimbatore. They will soon have channels on Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dwarkadhishji Temple in Mumbai. According to their official website, they will be adding more channels and centers.

There is recorded content available and the company has successfully completed its first live VR telecast of the Flower Festival for ISKCON Chowpatty and has lined up several more of such events.

The experience of actually visiting a holy place or devotional center is, no doubt, the highest. But with the fast paced and stressful city life, it is always a welcome break to latch onto the next best option to unwind whenever one gets the time.

Learn more about VR Devotee technology in this video:


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