How have we made enjoyment a complicated process?

By: Keyur Seta

Taking a break from your daily routine every once in a while is important for working professionals, especially in today’s stressful era of urban life. But I have been observing that people have devised some complicated methods of unwinding. This ends up making them more tired (mentally and physically), which defeats the very purpose of unwinding.

I would like to explain myself through the following observation:


Recently, I and my friends had gone for a short trip to Lonavala as the hill station appears more beautiful during monsoons or rainy season. Except me and maybe 1-2 others, all got highly drunk at night and danced like anything. Obviously, they woke up with a hangover and the road ride back home didn’t help them either. Hence, they required that day and the following day to unwind from the unwinding process.

Just four days later I was required to visit the same place again to cover a film festival. It was a packed five day schedule. I had to visit the venue before lunch every day and return to my hotel in the evening. Then I had to work till night. The next morning I used to complete my pending work before heading to the venue again.

lonavala-mountainsThis would appear to you as a trip full of work and stress. You might also feel as if I would have got terribly tired by the time the trip ended and would have needed 1-2 days to recover. But what if I tell you that despite the hectic work schedule, I not only enjoyed but also felt energetic throughout the five days? This was possible through a simple process of surrendering to nature.

Daily before breakfast, I went for long walks, little bit of jogging and exercises. My hotel was far away from the highway and the venue was way inside the main road. But this proved to be a blessing in disguise. It meant that I got more time to spend with nature while walking to my hotel and the venue. Plus, every now and then I paused to have a look at the scenic beauty of mountains surrounded by clouds and fog.

The result was that I never felt tired even an ounce despite working rigorously and walking for miles daily (the monsoon adding icing on the cake). And more importantly, I didn’t require any unwinding from the trip and was able to join office without taking a single break.





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