Book Review: Hidden Road To Lifemanship

Author: Nimish Thakkar

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Generally, self-help or motivational books fall in the non-fiction genre. But author Nimish Thakkar has tried including such aspects in his fiction book, Hidden Road To Lifemanship. So does he succeed in his endeavor? We’ll soon find out.

The book tells the story of a school-going boy named Rishi. His parents are an epitome of spirituality, honesty and nobility. He follows their footsteps and just like them, he too becomes an ardent worshipper of the saint, Jalaram Bapa.

Hidden-road-to-lifemanshipDespite being a good sober person, Rishi lacks the edge in studies. He is especially weak in Maths. This is when a person enters his life and promises to change it forever. But will the positive change last for long?

Hidden Road To Lifemanship has a positive start. The idea to narrate the tale through the eyes of an infant initially is creative and pleasant. Overall, it has an interesting story with a realistic turn later on. The basic idea here is to imbibe good qualities in people of today’s era, especially the city dwellers and the book succeeds at that till some extent. Some of the teachings of the character Swami Ram act as wake-up calls. But what stands out is the way Rishi is drawn towards Swami Ram for the first time.

Thakkar’s writing is a good combination of rich words and simplicity. It has the capacity to impress lovers of the language and at the same time is easy to understand for the not-so-well-versed in English.

Unfortunately, the book its share of minus points, which cannot be ignored. These are as follows:-

–The conversations featuring Swami Ram form the major part of the book. These talks, however, get too redundant and preachy. Plus, for a large majority of the duration, the chats follow the same pattern, which starts testing your patience. This disappointment is felt the most during the ending parts. This is the major drawback here. It’s not possible to reveal more to avoid spoilers.

–A miraculous incident in the first half doesn’t serve any purpose later on.

–The target audience of the book is youngsters. But some of the teachings would be completely unacceptable to people of today’s era.

–There are noticeable editing issues. There is no space in between a lot of sentences.

Overall: Hidden Road To Lifemanship is a one-time read.


Pages: 245

Publishers: Leadstart Publishing

Price: Rs 250

Rating: * * *

Review by: Keyur Seta


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