What is ‘GOD’? – 6 Insights

This is a guest post by Pranay Gupta.

Man looks for ‘proof’ for God, but if we are a little more insightful, we would see the presence of the ‘divine’ or hidden Intelligence in so many things. There have been several ways to answer the question ‘WHAT IS GOD?’ throughout history, but the ones which strike me most are the following:

  1. God is a ‘Dreamer’:

Just like we have the power to dream anything we wish to dream, so too perhaps there is a ‘cosmic dreamer’ who brings to life that which He dreams. The only difference is, we are not able to bring to reality all that we dream, but He is!

  1. Picture: Fanpop.com
    Picture: Fanpop.com

    God is the subtle-most entity of existence:

There are so many layers to reality – the outwardly apparent, the gross, the subtle and unseen, and then the smallest or subtlest aspects of Nature (atomic, subatomic particles and so on). Yet there is something beyond these also – the subtle most unseen aspect of reality, and that we may call ‘God’. It is like the subtle fragrance of a flower: not being able to be physically ‘found’ in the material composition of the plant, but existing nonetheless!

  1. God is Beauty:

We may find certain things ‘ugly’, but in the attitude of true spiritualism, all things are beautiful, and all things are therefore ‘Godlike’. Can’t you see the beauty in both the clear sky and the cloudy sky? In both the mountain and the valley? All is beautiful, and all is Godly, and God is beauty : from the perspective of true spiritualism.

  1. God is Compassion:

If man has in him the capacity to be compassionate, do you not think that the intelligence behind the universe is infinitely compassionate? Even animals display passion, so shouldn’t we look at the larger cosmic fabric as being truly compassionate, merciful and just? The very fact that we are alive and sharing these thoughts, is simply due to the compassion of the Great One.

  1. Picture: Walkthroughindia.com
    Picture: Walkthroughindia.com

    God is He Who Satisfies:

There is no ultimate satisfaction for man without the spiritual quest, the search for the Greater. It is only the Vastest which satisfies, and even one small drop of this Vastest Entity satiates us. Throughout history, we can cite examples of human beings who excelled, yet remained unsatisfied. And on the other hand, there have been people like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and others who attain the ultimate satisfaction, through the fragrance of God.

  1. God is the Guide:

The inner guide of man – his consciousness – is nothing but a reflection of the Infinite Consciousness, God. It is a small particle of the great guide. The wonder is that God exists within us, as the small voice of the soul! So if we are able simply to understand that if there is an inner guide within us, directing our own thoughts and actions, there must be a greater guide to the universe, directing its immense actions and movements!


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