Display of Oneness: Sant Nirankari Exhibition

By: Keyur Seta

Nature hasn’t created any difference among humans. We all have the same flesh and bones. But since time immemorial, humans are being divided in various ways through various evil forces. This division is the root cause of all human suffering in the history of mankind.

The scenario is the same even in 2015. Despite the clout of education and urbanization, evil forces are dividing us and are also being successful in it. The reason for this is the lack of awareness of the basic truth that we all have the same flesh and bones. So, it becomes necessary for someone to lead us to this truth.

Sant Nirankari Mission, under the guidance of Dhan Nirankar ji, has taken up the task of highlighting the oneness or equality among human beings from all race, religion, caste, creed, class or whatever. Its sole aim is to spread the message of unity in various ways through the message of world peace.

The organization had recently held an exhibition of oneness, unity or humanity in Mumbai. With the help of a lot of volunteers, they pointed out the fact that all humans are the same and all divisions, created among them, is man-made.

Have a look at the pictures/ photos from the exhibition:-



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