Happy Independence Day. But more freedom needed!

As India celebrates its 67th year of getting freedom from the British, here’s wishing Happy Independence Day to Indians all over the world.

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And a grand salute to:-

– Those who sacrificed their lives for our independence.

– Those who fought in any manner against the British.

– Our Jawans who are fighting dangerous battles in deadly conditions so that me and you can stay in peace.

– Those trying to make a difference in a selfless manner.


But the situation in the nation is such that we need freedom from many evils including terrorism, corruption, poverty, casteism, anti-secularism, lack of education, various pollution and many more. So let us take an oath to make the country better in whatever small way possible. After all, even the smallest of deeds can lead to nation building!
“INDIA is to be raised. The poor are to be fed. Education is to be provided. The evil of priestcraft is to be removed.”


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