Blessing in Disguise (Short Story)

By Keyur Seta

With the craze for social media and computer games increasing day-by-day, children are spending a large amount of time in front of the computer. Due to this, they are giving outdoor games a miss. Sanket (studying in class 7) is one such kid whose addiction to computer has made sure he has lost interest in his earlier passion – playing cricket.

Daily after school, Sanket goes to his tuitions in the afternoon. When he returns in the evening, he is only seen sitting in front of the computer for hours. This has been the scene since past two years. His parents Sushma and Sudesh are constantly raising eyebrows over this. Sanket is been regularly told by them to play outside and get some physical exercise. However, he is so much addicted to Facebook, Twitter, games and chatting that he never pays heed to them.

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On one fateful day, Sanket’s computer refuses to start. This worries him no ends. He immediately calls his computer engineer to fix the problem. After studying the problem, the engineer concludes that the motherboard of the computer has crashed! Sanket asks the engineer to get a new motherboard as soon as possible. However, the next two days being weekend and Monday being a bank holiday, the engineer says he can bring the new motherboard only after three days.

Picture Courtesy - The Hindu
Picture Courtesy – The Hindu

This gets Sanket into a state of panic! How can he stay without his computer for three long days? Considering three days are holidays, it makes it even tougher for him! He starts sulking as soon as he wakes up the next day. His parents are worried to see him depressed due to the issue. They console him but to no avail.

In order to perk up his mood, Sanket decides to buy some chocolates from a nearby store. As he is walking in his compound, a cricket ball stops near him. He throws the ball back to the children who are playing cricket. One of the kids (Sanket’s friend) invites him to play with them. Sanket refuses due to his current state of mind. But after a lot of insistence from other kids, Sanket hesitantly agrees.

Initially, Sanket plays just for the sake of it. He just goes through the motions. Soon, he gets a chance to bat. Not having played for two years, Sanket struggles. But after two overs or so, he gets his touch back. He starts playing well and most importantly he is enjoying it! Later on, he bowls well too. Needless to say, Sanket is now getting pleasure from playing an outdoor game after a long time.

When Sanket returns home, his parents are pleasantly surprised to see his changed mood. They are stunned when he announces that henceforth he will go out to play cricket every evening! He now realizes what he missed for two years. In this way, the crashing of the motherboard proved to be a blessing in disguise for Sanket.


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